About Us

Sterling jewels is the constellation. Naturally, it evokes images of destiny and fate, a shape of things to come reflected in the positions of the stars above. It stands for the power, mystery, beauty and symbolism of the stars, capturing the essence of nature's magical metamorphosis through billions of years.

Sterling jewels is one of the most respected jewellery brands in India and it has played a pioneering role in introducing the benefits of branded jewellery to the Indian market.

Sterling jewels means "constellation of stars" it symbolizes vastness and infinity, bestowing on the diamond, the classic qualities of beauty, radiance, immortality and power. The name Nakshtra evokes powerful imagery in women's minds - mystery, brilliance, timeless beauty and a constellation of stars.

Each Sterling jewels jewellery is a timeless classic, an exquisite blend of traditional mystique and contemporary glamour. Inspired by the popular Indian floral motif, each cluster reflects the eternal beauty and brilliance of constellation and lends an incomparable radiance to every woman who adorns it.

The Sterling jewels Diamond Jewellery collection has a wide range of exquisitely crafted designs, created to enhance every look and light up every occasion. A Sterling jewels is truly a woman's ultimate accessory - beautiful, elegant and timeless.

The richness of tradition and eternal mystique of the Sterling jewels cluster weave a magical tapestry that will hold every one spellbound. The most treasured occasions are those etched forever in your memory. Let your memories radiate with the eternal beauty of Nakshatra, as each unique piece of Nature's miracle adds magic to your special moments.

Sterling jewels reached the iconic stage in just three years. Today, the brand has become one of the leading fashion diamond jewellery brands in India, which is patronized by the women belonging to almost all the segments of the society. It epitomizes the expression of love and affection in women's life.

Nakshtra has established itself as an ethical player in the market as it comes with its certificates of authenticity and assuring transparency in the buying decision of the consumers

The stunningly beautiful and sparkling clear diamond jewellery has never failed to impress any women till date.